About me

Hello. I’m Lucas Maués, a full-stack web developer based in Belém of Pará, Brazil. I have had the privilege of work with small and medium organizations in the last years, helping them establish a refined digital presence building from responsive websites with CMS and Ecommerce, to web applications (PWAs).

Creating fast, accessible and functional digital products across multiple devices and browsers is something I really enjoy doing.

The journey of solve problems with programming brought me here: a professional specialized in front-end (web standards, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, React, automation tools) who is capable to pull the back-end up (PHP, Yii, NodeJS, Express, data modeling, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Git, API integration, cloud).

Recently, I’m playing with VR/AR immersive web experiences. Feel free to check my work and open source projects below.

Get in touch

Let’s talk about your project. If you prefer, say hello directly at hello@lucasmaues.com.